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Giloy Ras

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MFT: Swadeshi Ayurveda


STORAGE: Store at room temperature

PRICE: For one Bottle (Inclusive all Taxes)

PACKING: 1000ML Bottle

Why RAHE Pharmacy? RAHE Pharmacy is doing excellent under the supervision of Clinical Pharmacy Professionals, having sound experience in clinical pharmacy practice, Research, and Development.  RAHE Pharmacy always happy to serve you for:

-Free consultancy with RAHE's expert Clinical Pharmacists.

-Patient counseling.

-Pharmaceutical care in terms of pre and post pharmacotherapeutics.

-Assessment for actual and potential drug regimens for chronic patients.

Giloy Ras is used as a treatment for general fever and immunity. Useful in generalized debility, fever, skin & urinary disorders. It is also beneficial in general weakness, fever, dengue, chicken guinea.

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  • Giloy Ras is a medicine used to maintain immunity.
  • Giloy Ras is perfect for high uric acid in blood or Gout conditions.
  • Giloy Ras also prevents recurrent infections in the boils, throat, viral colds, and more.
  • Giloy Ras is a great preventive measure to swine flu as well.

Giloy Ras is a Juice contains natural supplement that ensures normal body functioning and enhances the immunity system. Our Herbal Juice is helpful in the treatment of sexual disorders, body illness & many other problems. No artificial colors are added to our herbal Juice.

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