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JALRA 50/1000

426.00 362.10

JALRA 50/500

325.00 276.25


300.00 255.00

MFT: Deltis Pharma

SALT COMPOSITION: Paracetamol (650mg)

SALT SYNONYMS: Acetaminophen

STORAGE: Store at room temperature 

Price: for 1 strip(inclusive all taxes)

Why RAHE Pharmacy?: RAHE Pharmacy is doing excellent under the supervision of Clinical Pharmacy Professionals, having sound experience in clinical pharmacy practice, Research, and Development.  RAHE Pharmacy always happy to serve you for:

-Free consultancy with RAHE's expert Clinical Pharmacists.

-Patient counseling.

-Pharmaceutical care in terms of pre and post pharmacotherapeutics.

-Assessment for actual and potential drug regimens for chronic patients.